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How to use crystal glass mosaic
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Crystal glass mosaics are used more and more widely in the current decoration and decoration, and the decoration effect is indeed not comparable to the general decoration. Not only used in large entertainment clubs, but also used in home decoration, it is mainly used for price or crystal mosaic application.

There are many styles of crystal glass mosaics, such as round, diamond, emerald series like soapstone and artificial hand-painted series; there are colorful round crystal mosaics, suitable for European style decoration rooms; red yellow, red, etc. Diamond-shaped crystal mosaics of different colors are unconventional and suitable for various decorative locations.

For the installation and selection of mosaics, the following points are basically the same.

First, in addition to ensuring the adhesive strength, the adhesive used should be easily wiped off from the crystal glass mosaic. The adhesive used can not damage the back paper or discolor the glass mosaic.

Second, under natural light, visually measure the presence or absence of cracks, defects, missing edges and corners at a height of about 40 cm from the mosaic.

Third, the back of a single crystal glass mosaic should have a jagged or stepped groove so that the paving will be firmer.

Nowadays more and more people like to use crystal glass mosaic in the position of the home TV background wall, and enjoy it when sitting in the living room watching TV.