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How to use crystal bead curtain
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The use of crystal bead curtain:

1. The newly purchased crystal bead curtains are first degaussed with sandalwood, agarwood, or de blown with a blower (never bask in the sun).

2. After hanging the crystal bead curtain, stand on the side and use the palms of both hands to close together, so that the three or five crystal bead curtains are in the middle of the palm of your hand. After taking a deep breath, while exhaling, slowly stroking down from top to bottom. You can also touch the crystal gas in the air, and do it all the way.

You can start the crystal gas. All crystal bead curtains must be activated to form an invisible barrier.

3. The two doors between the bedroom and the bedroom can't be opposite. First, there is a “cry” pictogram, but it is easy to have a squabble. It is noisy and constantly, and the crystal bead curtain is used to block the gas fields on both sides.