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Crystal pen holder shows the flow and feminine crystal
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The crystal pen holder has the function of avoiding the evil spirits, and can help people's gas field. The crystal pen holder connects the crystal with wealth and integrity, not only taking the golden water, the aquatic wealth, the golden water, the financial resources in the five elements of culture. The meaning, combined with the characteristics of the crystal, shows the beauty of a thousand dollars, the beauty of a promise, and the flow and softness of the crystal in another unique craft; the true love series not only has auspicious meaning, but also a gift to the integrity of the gift. High affirmation, it is a beautiful crystal crafts with ornamental, collectible and practical.

Many experts believe that in the relationship between art and capital, the museum is a connection point. Critic Lu Rongzhi believes that a comprehensive tax law system should be established to regulate galleries and auction markets, while encouraging the development of non-profit art institutions to promote market entry. A virtuous circle. Gu Zhenqing pointed out that from the lessons of the financial crisis, we can see that under the circumstances that international capital has withdrawn, domestic capital can triumph, and hope that domestic capital can help Chinese contemporary art establish its own "position" and support it. Good capital needs good works and needs a firewall. Hang Chunxiao proposed that a foundation and an art gallery supported by capital should be established between art and capital as a firewall to adjust the short-sightedness of capital.

Looking back 15 years ago, the crystal pen holder once set off a wave of arrogance in the gift market, helping thousands of early gift people to win the first bucket of gold; five years ago, the crystal was also sought after by the majority of customers. So it is not so much that the world worships gold, more precisely, the world has a special liking for the crystal pen holder; nowadays, the forging technique of the crystal pen holder has become China's intangible cultural heritage, and is currently applying for the world's intangible cultural heritage. The tenth chapter of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan emphasizes the inheritance of innovation and the promotion of cultural development and prosperity; therefore, innovative crystal pen holder crafts and cultural handicrafts will surely set off a new frenzy!

The perfect combination of custom crystal pen holder components and black crystals, the combination of white and black crystals is the ultimate. Under the black crystal pen holder, the crystal true-life components are particularly eye-catching. The products are stylish and elegant, with ornamental and practical features. One of them. The crystal apple means "peace", the crystal diamond means "big profit", and the crystal ingot symbolizes "grain for money".