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Home and office crystal display
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1. Under the inner beam, white crystal clusters or larger crystal columns can be used to resolve the punch of the beam press.
2. White crystal balls or white crystal clusters and large white crystal columns hanging in the four corners of the house can form a protective gas field for the home and protect the home.
3. Place an obsidian in every corner of the house to prevent unrest or evil spirits.
4, placed in the home amethyst hole, can gather good fortune, wealth.
5, the company line number or the family's financial position put a white crystal cluster, can be blocked by the town house.
6. Place white crystal on the student's desk to help the understanding of the course and enhance memory.
7, students put amethyst on the desk or bed, can develop wisdom, can ease the eye pressure caused by reading.
8, put a white crystal cluster next to the TV, computer, microwave oven can reduce radiation.
9. If the doorway rushes, the corners, trunks, and poles can hang crystal balls at the door or place large crystal clusters and water crystal columns to block the suffocating gas.
10, put powder crystal or amethyst in the counter, window can increase the popularity of people and business.
11, business place, office or home to put citrine or green ghost, is a good way to seek wealth.
12, citrine attracts unexpected wealth, green secluded to create career wealth.
13. The worst place in a home is the toilet, so hanging the white crystal ball on the door can be mildewed.