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Crystal photo crafts daily production and maintenance
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The daily maintenance method of crystal crafts, the crystal color map production process uses two important materials 1, film 2, glue, the quality of these two materials directly affect the quality of imaging. So what are the daily maintenance methods of crystal crafts?

The daily maintenance methods of crystal crafts generally have the following three

First, film preservation

There is a special coating on the surface of the film that absorbs moisture, so keep it away from wet places and keep it at a high temperature. The film is packed in a sealed plastic bag and sealed every time it is used. Good. Films should not be exposed to high temperatures or sun exposure, which can lead to premature separation of the coating.

Second, the film front and back are divided

1. The side that is upturned is the front side. Of course, our film is flatter and better, so this method is not very good.

2, with your mouth anger, the side that can get on the air is the opposite side, the face that is not on the air is positive. Don't make a mistake.

Third, glue preservation

Shadowless glue is a kind of glue that cures by light, so it must not be exposed before use. The black bottle should be used for packaging. The bottle cap should be covered after each use. The glue contains a certain amount of harmful ingredients. Therefore, after each use, please use the hand sanitizer to clean the place where the glue is in contact. Keep it in a dark place when it is stored, and do not let the child touch it. The above is how to save crystal film and crystal glue provided by Zhejiang Huacheng Crystal Crafts Factory. Method Crystal Crafts Maintenance and Cleaning Precautions 1. Crystal brittle, pay attention to anti-stress, anti-drop, anti-high temperature, anti-alkali, strong acid. When moving crystal, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves to avoid oil stains on the hands. Contaminated collectibles. When lifting the crystal items, do not hold the top or the extension of the crystal ornaments. You should grasp the base of the crystal or the whole body. You should find dust on the crystal collection. Do not use feather brushes, but do not use light and soft. The fluffy fabric is lightly dusted, so don't wipe it hard, so as not to break the crystal.

2. When oil stains or fingerprints are left on the crystalware, they can be washed with lukewarm soapy water and then rinsed with water. Avoid repeated cleaning in hot water or clean room. There are cut crystal ornaments, and the cut parts can be used with toothbrushes. Gently clean, if there is stain that is not easy to wash off, you can cut the lemon and apply some salt and gently scrub. You can also use a few drops of salted vinegar to wipe. For example, when storing the crystal vase, lay it on the shelf in advance. Put on the cloth and put the crystal vase in a sealed glass cabinet or display box to reduce the chance of dust on the surface of the crystal. It can also reduce the contact of hands and avoid damage.

3. Don't let the crystal crafts get too close, otherwise you will fall down due to the domino effect when you encounter one of them. Make sure the cabinet is stable and reliable, and it is not easy to shake.

4. If you want to store crystal crafts for a long time, do not use styrofoam paper or plastic bags. These bags will increase the temperature and cause damage to the crystal. At the same time, do not store the crystals in the attic or the cellar to prevent them from being exposed to them. In a bad environment.