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How to maintain crystal trophy gifts every day?
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What should I pay attention to when maintaining a crystal trophy? Crystal trophy gift is a kind of craft gift, and there are many supporters in the market. This has a lot to do with its exquisite and crystal clear visual effect. But you know, crystal is A fragile material, if it is not properly protected, it is easy to have problems. Today, you can share the gift of the crystal trophy gift for daily maintenance. What should you pay attention to when maintaining the crystal trophy gift: the texture of the crystal is brittle, so it is strictly forbidden Heavy pressure, beating, etc. At the same time, high temperature, strong alkali, strong acid and other adverse environments will cause great damage to the crystal; if you want to move the crystal products, you need to wear soft cotton gloves, or wash your hands thoroughly. This can avoid The oil stains on the hands contaminate the collectibles. In addition, many people will grab the top or the extension of the crystal ornaments when moving the crystal trophy gifts, but this will easily lead to the breakage of the fragile parts. Therefore, it should be avoided; if the crystal collection is found There is dust on it, and the general feather brush will leave thin scratches on the crystal. The long time will lead to the crystal clearing effect.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use light and soft fabrics that are not soft and fluffy. Remember to use light. Crystal wine glasses are very common crystal trophy gifts. Because they should be used frequently, they should be cleaned frequently. When cleaning, there are the following points. :

1, can not be suddenly placed in a high temperature or low temperature environment;

2, do not overlap the washed crystal cups;

3, can not be machine washed, it is best to wash;

4, natural shade dry, can not be used to dry; crystal vase with scale, can be washed in slightly acidic acid water, can also be soaked in salt water for 24 hours, and then washed with water, you can remove scale; If you accidentally leave the grease or fingerprint on the crystal trophy gift, you can adjust the soap to warm water and rinse it with water. Many crystal trophy gifts have cut parts. These cut parts are very rough and stained once they appear. It's hard to clean up. You can cut the lemon and apply some salt, apply it on the stained incision, then rinse it with water. Or use a few drops of salted vinegar to clean it. If you plan to store the crystal for a long time. Trophy gifts, not suitable for plastic bags and styrofoam paper.

Because this type of bag will increase the temperature, which will cause damage to the crystal; in fact, if you don't want the crystal to be disturbed by dust, the best way is to cover the outside with a glass cover, so that you can enjoy the gorgeous crystal trophy gift. At the same time, it also prevents the crystal from being exposed to the air.