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What are the precautions in the living room crystal lamp Feng Shui
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The position of the crystal lamp in the living room does not know whether you care about it. In the theory of Feng Shui, the crystal has a crystal with a rich magnetic field. It has different functions according to the position of the place. The crystal lamp should be placed in the living room to pay attention to its position. The location of the good or bad can affect the owner to gather money, but also affect the decoration effect. The following small series to let you understand the living room feng shui.

1, the shape of the strange lighting

The shape of the lighting is preferably round and square. The strangely shaped lighting will have a bad meaning in the wind and water, which will have an adverse effect on the owner. The red light is easy to cause irritability, restlessness and tension, and should not be used in the home. Especially the bedroom, it is better not to use.

The style is the best in the circle. It is very common to make chandeliers from yellow and white crystals in the world of colorful lighting. The legendary citrine has good fortune and is good for thinking, while white crystal is called "official". "Stone" is said to be beneficial to the role of the official career and the friendship between friends and relatives. Under the illuminating light, the magnetic field effect must be strengthened.

The most commonly used ceiling-type circular chandeliers in the home basically conform to the ancient theory of "the place of the heavens and the earth". The meaning is high and the house is stable, and it will never form a "corner" or cause a "pressing" mental depression.

2, living room crystal chandelier Feng Shui effect

The role of crystal chandeliers, the first crystal can help the fortune, generally can choose amethyst, citrine, green ghost. Amethyst and green ghosts are the role of Wangcai, citrine is to help Wang fortune.

Living room lighting feng shui effect:

1. Increase prosperity

The yellow five elements belong to the earth. From the perspective of the five elements, the earthen gold and yellow lights have the effect of fortune. The citrine itself has the energy to attract money. The yellow crystal lamp has a stronger function of fortune and wealth, so it shines. The yellow crystal lamp on the home finances can increase the owner's fortune.

2. Upgrade the Peach Blossom Index

Powder pigments are called romantic colors, pink crystals have the effect of peach blossoms, and pink crystal lamps in the bedroom can boost energy and play a dual role to enhance your peach blossom index.

3, long light is good for boosting home anger

Keeping a lamp in the house all night, you can enter and exit the lighting at night, and you can supplement the energy in the home. After people fall asleep at night, the vitality of the home is reduced, and the long lamp can boost the vitality.