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How to place crystal ornaments?
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Crystal decoration home decoration can now be said to be a hot topic. This is more or less related to the placement of items, some people will be relatively large, very casual. But you know, some things are not too casual At this time, I still want to pay attention to it. Here, I just want to say a few things about the crystal ornaments.
There are also different shapes or colors that distinguish gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. But in the feng shui, the most common ones are crystal ball, crystal mountain, crystal hole, crystal column, crystal mascot, etc. Too big a difference, but instead focus on the placement and crystal material, color, size.
1. The crystal should not be placed in the face of crystal when you are free to move. Meditate and meditate and focus on what you want. For example, think about your own interests and make a successful conclusion. Will be able to increase the chances of making money and making money.
2, crystal can not be placed in the bedroom because of long-term sleep in a strong magnetic field, easy to cause emotional instability; but placed on a desk or desk, it does not matter.
3, the crystal avoids being placed on the computer table or suspended above it. The crystal magnetic field and the computer's electromagnetic field, so much interfere with each other, easy to be unprofitable, first suffer.
4, choose the opposite corner of the door (Ming Ming position) placed in the living room, the central roof hanging crystal ball selected in the doorway, the roof hanging crystal ball selection flow Geely place.
The last thing to say is that the crystal ornaments should not be too small, and the minimum should be more than 6 cm.