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What is a pure crystal gift
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Pure crystal gifts of course refer to natural crystals, because there are a lot of textiles on the market, what glass, acrylic, a lot, you must pay attention when buying, or you have to spend crystal money to buy textiles, the following for you Introduce several ways to identify natural crystals:

1. Seeing: In the process of forming natural crystals, it is often affected by the environment and always contains some impurities. When looking at the sun, you can see the faint uniform small horizontal stripes or catkins. The fake crystals are mostly crystals. Slag, glass slag smelting, after polishing, coloring and imitation, no uniform stripes, catkins.

2, hand touch: Even in the hot summer days, touch the surface of the natural crystal by hand, there is a cold and cool feeling. Fake crystal, there is no cool feeling.

3, hardness: natural crystal hardness, with a gravel on the jewelry, gently stroke, will not leave traces; if there are streaks, it is a fake crystal.

4, check with the hair: put the crystal on a hair, the human eye can see the double shadow of the hair through the crystal, it is natural crystal, mainly because the crystal has birefringence.