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Crystal bracelet purchase method tips
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There are many kinds of crystal ornaments, and the quality is different. Therefore, the purchase of crystal bracelets is a meticulous and complicated work. It requires a certain amount of professional knowledge and rich practical experience. Otherwise, it will inevitably lead to waste. Or economic loss. There are four 诀窍 for reference to buy crystal bracelets.

First of all, carefully observe whether there are cracks in the crystal of the bracelet (referring to secondary cracks, often horizontal distribution), to make a comprehensive observation of the front, reverse, inside and outside of each bracelet, especially pay attention to the bracelet No cracks or breakage, because severe cracks are fatal injuries to crystal bracelets.

Secondly, use a keen eye to find out the blemishes of the bracelet (including the colored spots that may appear on the bracelet, white cotton wadding and native, not broken lines); at the same time, pay attention to whether the shape of the bracelet is round and the thickness of the diameter is Uniform, polished or not.

Third, pay attention to whether the size of the bracelet ring and the thickness of the diameter meet the needs, which is mainly related to the size and age of the buyer, but also has a little connection with personal preferences.

Finally, a good crystal bracelet crystal should have an aesthetic sense, it is best that the crystal can be transparent, even if there is something embedded in the beautiful; color is rich and gorgeous.

In general, the purchase of crystal bracelets should be firmly in mind four sentences: first check the crack to prevent fatality, you must be less work to be fine, the size does not match the difficult to deal, there are quality and fine side boutique.

In addition, when women buy crystal bracelets, the size of the bracelet depends on the size of the female hand, fat and thin, soft and hard. The expert knows how big the bracelet is by pinching the palm of the hand. Generally women lack experience, may wish to take a test kit. The sleeve is not put in the whole hand, but the thumb is placed outside, and the four fingers are used to test it. If it can reach the tiger's mouth through the palm of the hand, it feels that it is not very tight, then the crystal bracelet can basically be worn. Go in, the size is more suitable. The bracelet is worn on the wrist, such as hanging on the hand, indicating that the size is large, should be re-elected. The size of the bracelet is not only a kind of tired feeling, uncomfortable, hindering the work, but also often touched Go, easy to hit the bracelet. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right size bracelet.