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What is the effect of crystal crafts?
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Crystal crafts are ornaments made of crystal materials. Crystal crafts are exquisite, elegant and elegant, and they are light and cold. They not only have practical value and decorative effect, but also can be used in the town of Cai Cai, so they are loved by people. Crystal Crafts , the use of materials, fine craftsmanship, elegant and beautiful, with a high appreciation value and collection value.

In the modern home life, the eye-catching crystal crafts, with its unique fashion and elegance, expresses the special passion and art position. It has been loved since ancient times. The brilliance and crystal clearness are the gorgeous description of it. An exquisite crystal crafts is loved by many art-loving people with its whimsy and intricate craftsmanship.

Crystal crafts include: crystal trophy medal, crystal engraving, crystal vase, crystal pen holder, crystal perfume bottle, crystal bowl, crystal chopsticks, crystal painting, screen, crystal ball, crystal office supplies, etc. hundreds of thousands of styles.

White crystal: increase memory, increase inspiration, help school, prevent radiation, help health.

Tea crystal: treatment of joint bone pain (rheum pain), bring good luck, make people happy.

Powder crystal: promotes feelings, promotes popularity, improves interpersonal relationships, and treats heart disease.

Citrine: Wang Fortune, help the stomach, treat liver disease and skin disease

Amethyst: increase wisdom, good marriage, Wang family house, cure headache, cure insomnia.

Green Ghost: Increase career, master wealth, lucky wealth crystal, hope of entrepreneurship.

Red hair crystal: enhance faith, self-confidence, main health, and youth help blood circulation.

Blonde Crystal: Wang Fortune, strengthens the heat, treats asthma, throat, and promotes healthy cell growth.

Green hair crystal: Wang career, Zhengcai, change the transport, overcome all kinds of stubborn diseases.

Black hair crystal: evil spirits, cure diseases, strengthen fighting spirit, anti-cancer.

Tiger eye stone: relieve stress, stabilize mood, cure trachea, asthma.

Tourmaline (tourmaline): Health, wealth crystal, commonly known as "king of crystal", energy is huge, open the nervous system and promote blood circulation.

Aquamarine: Increase language skills, enhance self-confidence, and help the tracheal effect.

Garnet: promote blood circulation, cure rheumatism and arthritis, and help gynecological diseases.

Black Yaoshi: remove the whole body disease, can ward off evil villains.

Red rabbit hair: adjust female physiology, calm emotions, improve beauty, promote blood circulation and endocrine