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What kind of service awareness should be opened in the crystal jewelry store?
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Crystal jewelry store business is booming, in addition to exquisite crystal jewelry, the variety of ways to pass, but also need quality service. Nowadays, the quality of service has become one of the content of competition among merchants. Under the condition that the quality and other conditions are almost the same, the factor that determines whether consumers buy goods is the service level.

Enhancing the service level of the Crystal Jewelry Store includes two aspects: the basic requirements for the waiter and the rules and regulations of the relevant services in the store.

1. Basic requirements for waiters

a, the instrument is dignified, neat and generous. Including the clean and clean clothing, not heavy makeup, good spirits, full of vigor and vitality.

b, hospitality and enthusiasm. All customers who walk into the store are treated with the same attitude, with a smile and tireless.

c, take the initiative to introduce, be a good staff. When the customer is hesitant or open a consultation, the salesperson should introduce the customer to the customer in a timely manner and sincerely recommend the appropriate crystal jewelry for the customer.

d, collect money quickly, to avoid mistakes. Most customers hate waiting for payment, and the payee must be careful and consider the customer as soon as possible, and try to avoid mistakes.

e. It is strictly forbidden to have a dispute with the customer. For whatever reason, you should not argue with the customer. The ultimate victim will only be the interests of the store.

2. The system of establishing quality service in the store

a, the ground is clean and clean, and the ground sanitation should be cleaned up in rain or snow.

b. Keep the crystal jewelry neat and tidy.

c. Establish return and exchange rules. Crystal jewelry sold within a few days (usually 1-3 days) if the customer feels dissatisfied, can be exchanged, or even returned. The price of small crystal jewelry is relatively low, the probability of return is very small; even if the return, the loss is a small benefit, but the harvest is the customer's trust and support.

d. Establish a free service system. For some crystal jewelry, red silk threads such as lucky bracelets can be provided free of charge to customers. Various beaded bracelets can be produced free of charge according to customer requirements. Providing the accessory to the customer for free means that the customer is attracted to the store again with a small interest, thus becoming a repeat customer of the store.

The main customer of the crystal jewelry store is the repeat customer. Whether the customer who enters the store for the first time can become a repeat customer is one of the key factors for the store to prosper. Only when you have a relatively stable customer base can you get a stable profit.