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What material is your crystal made of?
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Dear customers, many people ask what kind of materials are used in our crystal crafts. Understanding the choice of materials is very simple, crystal crafts are not made of natural crystals, crystal gifts are the same material as the crystal coffin of Chairman Mao.

There is a strict name for glass in the world. GLASS: ordinary glass products, such as glass, glass on ordinary windows. CRYSTAL: Crystal, that is, lead-containing glass, the true high-quality glass lead oxide content will reach 24%, so this kind of glass is widely used in decorations, but it is not suitable for use on containers. Therefore, crystals containing 24% lead oxide are guaranteed by high quality crystal.

Because of the high price of high alumina crystals, the market has been limited. Many optical glass manufacturers in China have improved the crystals, so that the crystal glass is basically free of aluminum or micro-aluminum, but it has very good optical effects. So that crystal crafts have entered the gift market. The crystal we use is such a crystal.

Quality requirements and technical standards:

The technical standard for high-quality crystal glass is colorless, has a very good optical refractive index, no crystal inside, no impurities, and Mohs hardness reaches 7 degrees. Its density is 2.66 g/cm 3 . The refractive index reaches about 1.544-1.553, and the birefringence is about 0.009. It can't induce ultraviolet fluorescence (glass can induce ultraviolet fluorescence). That is to say, if it is under the ultraviolet lamp, the glass will change color, but the crystal glass will not change color.

Some crystal gifts are more complicated to process, so the general construction period is longer. The crystal raw materials are cut, flat polished, side polished, concave processed, straight surface processing, polyhedral processing, and can be molded after repeated polishing. As a crystal gift, it also needs Outer carving, inner carving, color printing, chrome plating, silver plating, punching, recessed hole, pickling, etc. can be a complete product after the completion of many processes, so some crystal gift styles are still relatively expensive, on the market. Many use glass instead of crystal, which effectively reduces the cost, but for high-end customers, such a change is a small disadvantage. The crystal trophy is the value of personal honor or collective honor. An imperfect product can not reflect its value. .