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10 years of forging ahead, achieving professional brands in the industry
Located in the famous crystal city of the country, the hometown of calligraphy and painting --- Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, after years of development,
Cultivated a group of outstanding crystal design, production, processing talents, purchased a crystal engraving machine,
Cutting machine, concave sandblasting and other professional production machines
Large-scale production, direct supply to the home, providing industry superior cost-effective products
The company has always used high-quality K9 crystal materials, and the products are crystal clear, noble and elegant, and never change color.
Actively integrate customers' individualized ideas into the product design process to make the products unique and fascinating
Standardized production operations, authoritative certification, ensuring timely shipment
The company has secondary pressing, precision annealing, cutting, flat grinding, faceting, digging, plane engraving,
Complete production lines such as laser engraving and shadowless combination.
Work intimately, saving time and effort in engineering
It can produce crystal craft gifts, crystal lighting beads, clothing beads, sanitary ware accessories and other crystal decorative materials and other related deep processing products.
Pujiang County Siyue Crystal Crafts Shop
Pujiang County Siyue Crystal Crafts Store is located in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, the famous crystal capital of China. Founded in 2002, after years of development, the company has trained a group of outstanding talents in crystal design, production and processing. It has purchased professional production machines such as crystal engraving machine, cutting machine, and concave sandblasting. It is a production, sales, Developed into a crystal crafts company.
The company has always used high-quality K9 crystal materials, and the products are crystal clear, noble and elegant, and never change color. In the production design process, the company actively integrates the customer's individualized ideas, makes the products different, exudes charm, and displays the strong cultural connotation of the crystal. The products are exported to foreign countries and are highly praised by new and old customers.
(1) The safe and peaceful fortune at home is to hang crystal balls or white crystal clusters in the four corners of the house (black Yaoyan, large white crystal column), which can form a protective gas field for the home, not only to protect the evil, but also to help the airflow and Wealth is smooth.
Crystal jewelry store business is booming, in addition to exquisite crystal jewelry, the variety of ways to pass, but also need quality service. Nowadays, the quality of service has become one of the content of competition among merchants. Under the condition that the quality and other conditions are almost the same, the factor that determines whether consumers buy goods is the service level.
Dear customers, many people ask what kind of materials are used in our crystal crafts. Understanding the choice of materials is very simple, crystal crafts are not made of natural crystals, crystal gifts are the same material as the crystal coffin of Chairman Mao.
With the increasingly fierce competition in the crystal gift industry, the variety of crystal crafts is also dazzling, and the crystal manufacturers are more numerous. In the face of this market, how do we choose manufacturers?
The use of crystal bead curtain:
1. The newly purchased crystal bead curtains are first degaussed with sandalwood, agarwood, or de blown with a blower (never bask in the sun).
2. After hanging the crystal bead curtain, stand on the side and use the palms of both hands to close together, so that the three or five crystal bead curtains are in the middle of the palm of your hand. After taking a deep breath, while exhaling, slowly stroking down from top to bottom. You can also touch the crystal gas in the air, and do it all the way.
Crystal glass mosaics are used more and more widely in the current decoration and decoration, and the decoration effect is indeed not comparable to the general decoration. Not only used in large entertainment clubs, but also used in home decoration, it is mainly used for price or crystal mosaic application.